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Europe's leading centre combining the acclaimed Optogait and Gyko systems from Microgate and Barefoot Science technology, providing the very best pathomechanics and sports injury care.




Biomechanics/gait analysis using 'state of the art' equipment, innovative insoles and over 30 years of clinical experience culminates in a new approach to injury prevention and treatment.


It is reported that, approximately 30 percent of the population have a moderately to extremely flat foot type. As the name suggests, a flat foot is one where the arch of the foot collapses towards the ground during standing and walking.


Here is a list of just a few potential problems associated with flat feet;


Walking problems? 

Painful, tired feet?

Bunions or calluses?

Burning on the ball of the foot?

Arch or heel pain?

Ankle, calf or shin pain?

Knee, hip or lower back pain?

Pain or discomfort in the lower extremities?

Poor posture?

Excessive or uneven shoe wear?

Recurrent sports injuries?





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