Neil Frame SRCh DPodM 

Podiatric Specialist/Bupa Podiatry Network Provider


Clinical podiatric biomechanics has been brought into the 21st Century by technological advancements with the Optogait and Gyko systems at the Walkincentre but Neil's approach is still very much individual and 'hands on' that follows a methodical and patient-led approach to treatment plans, based on over 30 years of experience.


Neil graduated from the Northern College of Podiatry (now Salford University) in 1984.


He has been a podiatric specialist in biomechanics at East Cheshire NHS Trust for 29 years, instrumental in the setting up of the hospital's Biomechanics Laboratory and has also provided a service in the private hospital's/sector for over 20 years.


As a founder member of the national Podiatric Biomechanics Group, Neil has acted as a mentor to it’s members in the Northwest of England.


He has worked with a number of professional football, basketball and Olympic teams, the National Cycling Centre and consultant to footwear manufacturers.


As an advisor at Manchester, Keele, Staffordshire, Liverpool and UCLan universities, Neil has developed patented specialist instruments and innovative devices designed to help those with walking difficulties; for example, the RehabAngel® ‘Genie’, a global rehabilitation and sports training product.


He is also instrumental in the development of innovative footwear for the mass market, researching his theories at both the University of Central Lancashire and Manchester Universities.


Neil Frame has over 30 years of specialist experience in musculo-skeletal diagnostics, that allows for appropriate and responsive care delivery together with the services including advice on all aspects of podiatry, human movement, postural issues, podopaediatrics and footwear, with an emphasis on biomechanics and orthosis therapy.


hcpc registered and a member of Bupa Podiatry Network 




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