The RehabAngel® is a multi-functional knee and calf rehabilitation platform for use within physiotherapy, podiatry and sports rehabilitation that provides variable angular rehabilitation. The device ensures a variable and measured range of graduated non-weight bearing, partial weight bearing and full weight bearing exercises to be undertaken targeting specific muscle groups in the lower limbs.


Now, RehabAngel® features integral to the Optobalance examination in falls risk assessment. 

This research based clinical platform determines ankle joint movement and stability providing valuable information, calculating fall vulnerability.


From the world of innovation, Neil Frame is the inventor of the RehabAngel 'Genie'® a device that greatly improves the efficiency of rehabilitation after lower limb surgery or to prevent surgery for patients suffering from stability and discomfort of locomotion due to inadequate dorsiflexion for normal gait. The versatility of the RehabAngel® ensures quantifiable, symmetrically precise and reproducible exercises and training.


Here you'll find regular updates on what's new at Walkincentre - Latest news RehabAngel 'Genie'®

RehabAngel 'Genie'® - In collaboration with NHS, MDTI, Trustec and UCLan.



               www.eastcheshire.nhs.uk/        www.mdti.co.uk/                                                          www.trustech.org.uk/                  www.uclan.ac.uk/





2014 is set to be a busy year in the world of innovation with new projects in the pipe line so watch this space.


MBE Award ;


Martin Levermore, the founder and boss of Wolverhampton based Medical Devices Technology International Ltd and co-visionary of the RehabAngel was made MBE for his services to business in the recent Queen's Birthday honours list.


Martin said “I’m absolutely delighted. It’s the lifeblood of what we do, to improve patient care and manufacturing. It gives recognition to all the people who have assisted me to deliver a successful healthcare agenda.”


Congratulations Martin!

Latest News


We are delighted to announce that there is now a Walkincentre at the Macclesfield Health Hub!





In October 2014 a new Walkincentre opening in Hale at Precious Health joining a wealth of expertise at an ideal location in Cheshire.




In November 2014 a new Walkincentre is to open in Romiley, Cheshire at Archways Private Health and Medical Clinic joining another ambitious centre of excellence completing the expansion programme for 2014!


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