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Podiatric Biomechanics


Podiatric biomechanics is the understanding of the physical interaction of the lower limb construction and it’s ability to move.  In other words understanding how we walk and the stresses that act on the structures involved. The appreciation of biomechanics of the lower extremity can provide an invaluable diagnostic tool and by working in conjunction withmedical personnel, including: consultants, general practitioners, physiotherapists and other health professionals podiatrists can permanently alleviate many of these signs and symptoms by adopting a biomechanical diagnostic approach. Many symptoms of the feet and legs may be either mechanical or systemic in origin. The correlation between the various structuralabnormalities and the systems they produce is the essence of biomechanics. A practitioner who is trained in the field of lower limb biomechanics may be able to determine if there is a cause that may be remedied biomechanically. Such remedies usually consist firstly of a diagnosis andwhen indicated the provision of foot orthoses (specialist insoles).  


Functional Foot Orthoses


Foot orthoses are made-to-measure insoles, handcrafted to meet your individual needs and are specifically designed to fit comfortably into your footwear. Lightweight and durable, foot orthoses help to ensure a corrected foot posture, thus relieving stress areas, reducing pain and minimising fatigue.  As your feet rest on the foot orthoses they are gently directed into a corrected position for standing, walking, running and moving.

Foot orthoses correct your foot posture as long as you continue to wear them. To help relieve stress, pain and discomfort it is recommended that they are worn whenever possible.


Initial Consultation


Can last between 45 minutes to an hour. A detailed medical history will be taken followed by a physical examination. All treatment and examination is conducted with strictest confidentiality at all times.


The Examination


Examination of the lower extremity is divided into several parts: Arthrometric examination, muscular strength, tone, postural and dynamic assessment. This may also include gait analysis.

Gait Analysis


Is divided into two sections :-


Static: Ranges of motion of appropriate joints are measured from hip to toe.


Dynamic: The aim is to measure the ranges of functional movement.


There may also be objective examination with Optogait/Gyko systems dependent on whether your referal is via bupa health insurance. This service is also available on request, as a self funder.


Following your assessment, there will be the opportunity to discuss the results and diagnosis together with the proposed treatment plan.


Your consultation will be carried out in the comfortable surroundings of Macclesfield Health Hub where a friendly, relaxed atmosphere creates the perfect environment for your biomechanical examination and gait analysis to be performed.


  • Biomechanical examination 
  • Arthrometric testing
  • Gait analysis
  • Treatment plan summary
  • Reports
  • Insurance claim injury management  
  • Footwear advice - leisure or industrial


Initial assessment at a Walkincentre can last up to an hour involving a biomechanical assessment, arthrometric testing, gait analysis and a treatment plan summary discussion. Analysis, using the Optobalance System (Optogait and/or Gyko) is a separate investigation and can be discussed at this initial assessment.  A report will be included on request as part of the consultation, a copy being sent to the referrer.



  • Personal Profile                                             
  • Casting                                                             
  • Follow-up Consultation (half hour)             
  • Follow-up Consultation (one hour)             
  • Orthoses Fee (per pair)                                   


Need an individual consultation?

Simply call us on 07962164132 or use our contact form. 

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